ANG celebrates their EDC Mexico mainstage set with a new single Deeper

Release - TNC019
Published at 2019-02-22 09:00

Deeper already their 5th release on TNC

We’re happy to announce that after a string of massive releases on Maxximize Records and Revealed Recordings, ANG is back on TNC Recordings to deliver an absolute monster of a track.

Arriving just in time for their EDC Mexico mainstage debut, Deeper is set to be their next first class festival release and one of the highlights of their highly awaited set at 24th February on the Kinetic Field stage. At the same time, ANG is taking the lead spot of most releases on TNC Recordings with style - Deeper, already their fifth release on the label, can be crowned without a question as one of their best and creative productions this far.

Deeper is a true ’tour de force’ of the Mexican duo and highlights their craft for extraordinary melodies, dynamic rhythms and explosive raw energy. ANG managed to bottle up the wide scale of emotions that one would experience in a festival and conveyed them with one incredible big room release. Deeper serves as a testament to ANG’s signature melodic big room style and continues to keep the bar high for the next TNC releases.

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