Bloom Line & Trove team up for a feel-good single to end 2020

Release - FG 032
Published at 2020-12-11 12:00

Bloom Line debuts; Trove makes his 3rd appearance

The fan-favorite dance music featurist Trove and the emerging dj/producer Bloom Line came together to end an all-around difficult 2020 with a fantastic future pop single ‘Change My Mind’. What makes the track highly intriguing is its relation between the lyrics and the production - while the overall production have a truly vibrant and upbeat feeling, the lyrics take a complete opposite direction with a deeper meaning. The track tells a story about “the feeling of being stuck in a relationship”, providing the listeners a track to dance to in the mornings, besides for the more careful listeners a lyrical composition to dig deeper into. 

Trove explains the theme of the lyrics: “The song is about the feeling of being stagnant in a relationship. It’s a point in time where a lot of people find themselves in where things feel stuck and there is a struggle between both sides to feel those initial feelings as strongly as they once did. “

During the past couple of years, the American singer/songwriter Trove has solidified himself as one of the most sought-after male vocalists on the trap & future bass scene. His unique voice and creative songwriting has landed him collaborations with i.a. Dabin, Nora Van Elken, Unknown Brain and many more on labels like Sony Music, Monstercat, Seeking Blue and Lowly, as the culmination being his single ‘Wish You Well’ with Famba selling gold in Canada. Besides his successful portfolio as a featuring vocalist, Trove has also started to emerge as a prominent solo artist, with his recent solo EP ‘Trove’ reaching 24 NMF placements and single ‘Nothing Matters Then You Die’ being premiered on Billboard. 

Regardless of Trove’s stellar singing & songwriting in ‘Change My Mind’, the most impressive part of the track isn’t the vocal performance, but the production behind it. Despite of still being categorised as an underground artist, the Mexican future bass music producer Bloom Line flashes here his musical talent with a surprisingly solid production. But this shouldn’t have come as a surprise, as the Mexican talent has already released on well-known labels like Revealed Recordings and Lowly in addition to doing an official remix for Olivia O’Brien’s hit single ‘Josslyn’ on Island Records. In addition to his promising career as a dj/producer, Bloom Line is still crafting his sound and musical knowledge at the respected Berklee College of Music. 

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