Culture Code, Caslow & Nina Sung drop the remix EP for 'Wish You The Best'

Release - FGR004
Published at 2023-02-24 12:23

Remix contest winner BrillLion gets the nod for the lead remix

“When you’re already gone and I got nothing left. ‘Cause you were my home…”

After hosting a massive remix contest with Label Radar and Artists & Relations with nearly 250 entries, the beloved artists Culture Code, Caslow and Nina Sung are gearing up to release the full remix EP for their single ‘Wish You The Best’. Just as the title already indicates, the record is a profoundly emotional future bass single, with its heartfelt lyrics touching a painful, yet so common topic: “struggling to move on from a romantic relationship”.

The remix EP showcases remixes by the contest winner, South Korean dj/producer BrillLion, in addition to the rapidly rising artists VLCN, Spirit Link and Snow-Key, who are bringing an electric mix of melodic bass, future bass and dubstep remixes to the forefront of the fans of the original single, which was released back in August 2022.

Garrett Raff, one of the three songwriters of the song, describes the theme as following: “The song is about having trouble moving on from a relationship and not wanting to see the other person doing better outside of it. You know it’s an inevitability that they’ll be happy with someone else, but you don’t want to accept that reality. It’s about wanting to be a big person and wish the other person well, but you’re just not there yet.”

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