EGZOD & Neverwaves gear up for their first collaboration

Release - FG043
Published at 2022-02-10 15:26

Egzod returns to Future Generation for his 4th single

Following to the massive success of his viral single ‘Royalty’, reaching over 35 Million plays since its release in April, the highly trending dj/producer Egzod is geared up to replicate the successful formula with his next top record. Titled as ‘The Real You’, in collaboration with the popular featurist Neverwaves, the theme tackles a common issue in today’s society - the struggle of daring to be your true self without the fear and doubt of what other people might think of you. 

Neverwaves explains more in depth the thought process behind the theme: “This song is all about breaking free from ways of being that don’t serve us, that keep our true personalities suffocated and stifled. In today’s society there is a lot of pressure to fit in and carry yourself in certain ways. But every once in a while, someone sees you for who you really are— a fiercely authentic soul who is beautiful inside and out.”

All in all, ’The Real You’ stays true to Egzod’s unique bass music style, breaking boundaries and frontiers between cultures using world music instruments in his productions. The American singer/songwriter Neverwaves, who’s best known for his collaborations with popular EDM-artists like Slander, Crankdat and Pixel Terror, is also a spot-on match for the collaboration, completing the atmospheric instrumental and the encouraging lyrical theme with a compelling and gritty vocal work. Set to be released on 19 November on Future Generation, there’s no doubt that the track wouldn’t be a central part of the discussion, when talking about the most interesting releases on the more melodic side of the bass music scene in the late 2021. 

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