Far Out & Karra release a fantastic remix EP for Truest Lies

Release - FG006
Published at 2018-07-27 12:00

First-ever remix EP includes remixes by RetroVision, BEAUZ & It's Different

We are beyond excited to have the Canadian dj/producer duo Far Out back on Future Generation, this time by showcasing a remix EP for their magnificent collaboration Truest Lies with Karra. The release of the Truest Lies (Remix EP) is nothing short of monumental; not only because of the remixers, but also due to being the first remixes ever to be released on TNC Music.

The special EP includes remixes by the mega-talents RetroVision, BEAUZ & It’s Different, every remix being true to their own styles - while the RetroVision remix is a signature future house hit by the emerging French dj/producer, BEAUZ & It’s Different took different routes with their remixes to provide more emotional and laidback versions of the original release. There must not be forgotten also Karra’s influence on the remixes; without the stunning and powerful, yet touching vocals, even the original release wouldn’t have been the same!

Listen to it now!

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