JPB & Shiah Maisel debut on Future Generation

Release - FG041
Published at 2021-10-10 11:36

JPB & Shiah Maisel team up for a feel-good future bass single

To the followers of the prestigious record label NoCopyrightSounds, the German dj/producer JPB draws attention when mentioned, being one of the most prolific artists on the label. With hits like ‘High’, ‘Defeat The Night’, ’Long Night’ and more, JPB has racked up to +250M plays across all platforms. Continuing his string of quality releases in 2021, the highly-talented producer teamed up with the popular EDM-vocalist Shiah Maisel for an emotional and catchy future bass single. ‘You’re Beautiful’ is set to be released 8 October on Future Generation, telling a story about encouraging the listeners to keep going during difficult times and not to give up.

Shiah goes deeper on the track’s theme: “You’re Beautiful” is about understanding that we are all just imperfect people at the end of the day. We all make mistakes, which don’t define us though. We’re sending across the message that you are forgiven for your mistakes and you have so much to live for. 

He continues: “So many people live in the past and only remember your past, but the real ones know how much you’ve overcome during the difficult process of finding yourself. I understand how it is personally, so in the lyrics “don’t you ever give up, you are beautiful? is giving you the listener hope to continue . JPB’s beautiful production ties this all together and truly makes it the masterpiece it is! The emotions come pouring out here , and we’re glad everyone can be a part of this song”.

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