REGGIO kickstarts TNC Music's 2018 with solo single Origins

Release - TNC014
Published at 2018-01-29 12:00

REGGIO makes his return to TNC Music

REGGIO is kicking off 2018 with a bang by finally releasing his highly anticipated single Origins. Since being premiered by Hardwell already half a year ago, the track has been one of the most awaited tracks among the underground EDM community.

After his gigantic release ’Against The Night’ in collaboration with Zack Martino and Jonny Rose, REGGIO is making his return to TNC Recordings for his third single on the label. Origins is all about highlighting the creativity of the Uruguyan DJ/Producer - the unique and futuristic signature sound has established REGGIO as the mastermind of the genre dark progressive and without question as one of the most interesting artists on the scene.

His newest creation, Origins, is living up and beyond to the expectations with its aggressive, energetic drop and a mysterious, atmospheric break colored with the signature futuristic leads - Origins is a peak-time festival weapon at its finest!

Listen to it now!

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