Syzz & Jim Yosef return to TNC with another collaboration

Release - TNC007
Published at 2017-06-05 12:00

Syzz & Jim Yosef back on TNC with a progressive anthem Promises

We are beyond excited to have Syzz & Jim Yosef back on TNC Recordings, this time with a magnificent progressive house masterpiece!

Promises is a stellar demonstration of the versatility and musical talent these artists possess - while their last collaboration Love Me Down was a beautiful electronic/pop release, Promises maintains the same feeling and atmosphere but transformed into a more energetic production.

Promises is a perfect mix-up of the energetic, uplifting drops and the emotional breakdowns showcasing the fantastic vocals by the American singer/songwriter Michael Zhonga. Promises is definitely a progressive house track at its finest and we were more than satisfied to see it receiving some well-earned features at day 1 by the Spotify's global dance playlists - great music needs to be heard!

Make sure to grab your copy and stream the release on your favorite platforms below!

Listen to it now!

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