Unknown Brain returns with 'Take It'

Release - FG014
Published at 2019-09-26 09:00

'Take It' serves as the follow-up single to 'Begin Again'

After their successful debut on Future Generation in early August, we’re stoked to have Unknown Brain already back for their sophomore single on the label. ‘Take It’ is an unique, dark ‘pop meets bass kind of release’ with some R&B influences and is in collaboration with the German talents ThatBehavior, who are already making their fourth appearance on Future Generation. Just like in Unknown Brain’s single ‘Begin Again’ in August, the track features once again stellar vocal work by the Canadian singer/songwriter RIELL, in addition of a refreshing male feature in the second break by the Turkish pop singer J.O.Y.

RIELL describes the track followingly: “Take It” is about the appeal of dark vices and giving into desires that you have tried to repress for a long time, that when you do eventually give in, it almost becomes aggressive and something you get completely lost in. In ‘Take It’, the vice is someone who is forbidden; you could both suffer consequences from being together, but at the end of the day, you both just can’t help yourselves.”

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