Zombic & Felix Schorn deliver a remix for 'Cinema'

Release - FG035R
Published at 2021-03-05 14:34

The German rising stars Zombic & Felix Schorn team again

“You are, my cinema, I could watch you forever”... Sounds familiar? To all the fans of the modern era of electronic dance music, Skrillex’s iconic remix of Benny Benassi’s & Gary Go’s single ‘Cinema’ shouldn’t come across as unknown. The filthy dubstep remix was back in 2012 one of the biggest hits in its own genre, and has since played a big role, like Skrillex’s music in general, in shaping the harder bass music towards how it is today. In October 2020, Arcando and Oddcube released their melodic trap version of the track, before coming with the idea to join forces with the rising German stars Zombic & Felix Schorn to revive Cinema’s iconic melodies and lyrics with their energetic bounce/slap house cover, bringing us all 9 years back in time.

Arcando explains the initial idea of making a cover of ‘Cinema’: “When I was around 13 years old, I was doing a ton of fun things and visiting new places, and I used to listen a lot to Cinema at the time. Therefore, it’s a special record for me, as it’s not only an amazing track, but it also brings up so many old, great memories. Just like in 2012, ‘Cinema’ still manages to give me the chills when I hear it, and as 2020 has been a really popular year in terms of cover releases, I thought it was time to add my own influence and style to one of my favorite tracks when I was growing up”.

Continuing their booming trend, the German youngsters Zombic & Felix Schorn joined forces for another attempt on a viral release. The 19-year-old Nick Ambrosius, best knows as Zombic, has been lately one of the most emerging artists on the German market, with releases on Sony Music Germany, Kontor Music, Planet Punk and more, even going as high as being the cover artist for one of the biggest dance music playlists on Spotify, Main Stage. Their newest rework of ‘Cinema’ stays true to their style, being an upbeat and energetic dance cover, while combining in a flawless way the iconic lyrics and melody of the original release with a modern 2021-sound. The last time the youngsters teamed up for a remix, for Besomorph’s single ‘Zombie’, the single went on to become viral in Europe, sitting today at a respectable 16 million streams on Spotify besides a ton of other major accomplishments on the other main streaming services.

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