Arcando kicks off 2023 with 'Atlantis'

Release - FG051
Published at 2023-01-27 10:55

Arcando reworks Seafret’s massive hit ‘Atlantis’

“In my heart and in my head, tell me why this has to end, oh no.. I can’t save us, my Atlantis, we fall..” Sounds familiar? To the fans of the indie rock duo Seafret and the active users of TikTok, the British duo’s breathtaking single ‘Atlantis’ is no stranger to. Exploring the theme of escaping your problems, combined with the emotional storytelling and raw and heartfelt vocals, the production really frames itself as a masterpiece on its own. 

Highly inspired by the original song, Arcando, the Dutch dj/producer who’s been making a name for himself in the melodic EDM scene with his innovative and ever-evolving sound, teamed up with the Canadian multi-talent Justin J. Moore to create their own version of ‘Atlantis’. Successfully harnessing the deeply emotional atmosphere of the original song while turning the mood upside down into a powerful melodic bass/trap rework, the cover is set to be one of the most interesting releases in the melodic EDM scene in January 2023.

Arcando shares his thoughts about how the project got started: “Hearing the original version of ‘Atlantis’ for the first time really hit me. Not only is the track musically amazing on its own, but lyrically I was also able to relate to the theme about “not fleeing your problems and embracing the reality and its hardships, no matter how difficult it can get”, as I was at the time dealing with some personal problems of my own.”

He continues: “As the track really spoke to me, I wanted to deal with my own thoughts and feelings by working on a remix and putting my own sound to the story. After posting a video of it on TikTok and seeing all the thousands of amazing reactions on the unofficial remix, and the countless requests to put it online for streaming, I got the idea of trying to turn it into a cover to be able to release it. Fast forward, I decided to reach out to Justin, a super talented Canadian singer/songwriter, whose voice I thought could be a perfect fit to the track, and I was right! All in all, as a big fan of the original song, I couldn’t be more happier about how our version ended up sounding like”.

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