B3RROR & Sketchez deliver a stunning future bass collaboration

Release - FG039
Published at 2021-08-06 09:12

Say Goodbye marks the debut of B3RROR on Future Generation

The forthcoming release ‘Say Goodbye’ sees the Dutch talent B3RROR joining forces with the fellow countryman Sketchez and the absolutely fabulous vocalist Marie Kavli for an euphoric future bass collaboration. Despite the track’s cheerful soundscape, its theme revolves around a more serious theme, telling a story about battling with an eating disorder and the struggle of breaking out of it. 

The 21-year-old B3RROR is a highly intriguing name in the scene - while strictly maintaining his focus on quality over quantity with his single releases on Spinnin’, STMPD and Seeking Blue, the skilled producer has also collaborated with the superstar KSHMR (‘Lies’) on Spinnin’ Records, besides being one of the songwriters in his most recent studio album - Midnight Lion Walk. After digging deeper to the Dutch artist’s recent productions, it’s safe to expect a proper breakthrough looming on the horizon.

The songwriter Kjersti Sleveland explains the backstory: “Even though you could imagine the lyrics telling a story about an unhealthy relationship, the theme actually revolves around battling with an eating disorder, and how controlling the obsession can be. It starts out pretty awesomely (just like in a relationship), while you think you got everything under control and you feel soooo good.. But then slowly the disorder takes control of you and you wish that you could just walk away... But that’s way harder than said, as you’re not behind the wheel in this ride.”

B3RROR sheds some light to the creation process: “This song started off with the guitar. Sketchez played a riff which we used as the foundation for the track, which can clearly be heard during the breaks. As soon as we had a clear idea and direction for the breaks, we came into the conclusion that the drop had to have a big climax with an energetic future bass soundscape. The intriguing contrast between having a very electronic drop and an organic break is what makes this song so unique. Marie Kavli then went on and completed the idea with her perfectly fitting topline”

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