Bloom Line & Daye go down the memory lane with 'Grow Up'

Release - FG046
Published at 2022-06-21 07:39

Bloom Line & Daye bring childhood memories to mind with ‘Grow Up’

“I wonder what it would be like if we never had to grow up?” That’s a question, which each and everyone of us have been reflecting at some point of our lives, and a topic, which Bloom Line and Daye are tackling in their upcoming feel-good collaboration. Titled as ‘Grow Up’, the track explores the territory of young love & innocence, but also the fear of growing up, being a lovely blend of emotional and delicate vocals paired up with stellar sound design and chill bass production. Set to be released on Future Generation at the 17th of June, ‘Grow Up’ is going to be the “go-to track” to listen during the warm summer evenings while reminiscing the golden childhood and teenage years.

The American singer/songwriter Daye opens up her thought process for the lyrics: “We wrote this song about young love & innocence. It’s a reflection about what could have been with your first love, and an exploration of what love could look like if the real world didn’t interfere.

Bloom Line continues: “The song also reflects about the fear of growing up. How we get nostalgic when we think about our childhood and how everything was easier and simpler when we were young”.

Diego Reyes, better known as Bloom Line, is a Mexican producer and multi-instrumentalist. Drawing influence from his favorite artists Porter Robinson, Madeon and Illenium, Bloom Line has been able to find his own sound and mold it into something completely new and fresh. The highly-talented producer has been putting himself to the forefront of emerging electronic music artists by releasing frequently on the renowned labels Lowly and Future Generation, in addition to his official remixes for the superstars Saweetie, Tai’Aysha and Olivia O’ Brien on Island and Atlantic Records. Given his ever-developing unique style in the border territory of melodic EDM and pop music, it’s been no surprise to see Bloom Line racking rapidly over 10 Million streams on Spotify besides being regularly backed by some of the top tastemakers in the industry, such as Chill Nation and AirwaveMusicTV.

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