Culture Code reworks Olivia Rodrigo's megahit 'good 4 u'

Release - FG047
Published at 2022-07-08 12:43

Olivia Rodrigo goes emo EDM

“Well good for you, you look happy and healthy, not me, if you ever cared to ask..” Sounds familiar to you? Regardless if you are a true fan of Olivia Rodrigo or not, there’s absolutely zero chance you wouldn’t have heard her breakthrough-single ‘good 4 u’ at this point. Released in May 2021, the pop-punk single kickstarted its journey to stardom by going viral on TikTok, while picking up steam on all the other platforms, ending up being the most streamed single on Spotify and cementing the 19-year-old teen singer/songwriter as a certified superstar. Today, despite the fact of having only 11 official single releases on her belt, Olivia Rodrigo is the #39 most streamed artist on Spotify, and without a question one of the most prominent young artists for the future, if not the chosen one holding the crown. 

After a string of quality single releases, racking up to all-time 300M streams collectively, the UK-based producer duo Culture Code, consisting of Chris Bains and Dylan Norton, are back with a stunning melodic bass rework of Olivia’s hit single. Their reimagination of “good 4 u” is nothing short of spectacular in its own genre, succeeding in a fascinating way in maintaining the raw emotions from the original song while turning the genre upside down into a powerful, bass-infused EDM cover. Another cool aspect in their cover is that besides producing the track by themselves, the other half of the duo, Dylan, is also singing the vocals for the track. Set to be released 8 July on Future Generation, ‘good 4 u’ has all the potential of being both a highly successful streamer on the digital platforms in addition to a true festival and club weapon for the touring melodic EDM DJs across the globe.

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