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Published at 2019-02-14 08:00

It's interview time!

After his recent single release Destiny on TNC Recordings, we wanted to sit down with REGGIO to talk about his plans for this year, activities outside of the studio and how it all started for him in addition of many other things. Make sure to read the full interview below and get to know the Uruguyan dj/producer a bit better!

What got you into electronic dance music in the first place and motivated you to start producing?

"I got into electronic music when I heard "Sexy Bitch" from David Guetta for the first time. I also started watching livestreams from festivals and this inspired me to start learning music production. Before the REGGIO project, I started as the duo called "Leroy & Nykko". We had some big experiences together, one of them was working with KSHMR in his home studio."

You’ve been a long bearer of the dark progressive movement. What were your inspirations in the beginning and what direction do you plan on taking your sound moving forward?

"From the beginning of my solo project as REGGIO, I wanted to deliver a brand new sound, something that would stand out of the big room and progressive tracks of the moment. Zack Martino and I were huge fans of rock music before getting into EDM and we both loved all the dark melodies and ambient sounds which ended up influencing us to come up with the “Dark Progressive Movement". I feel like never wanting to leave the dark progressive genre, but I’m trying to keep the sound constantly evolving and fusing it with any other styles that could fit together to keep it fresh but also to always fit with my signature sound and style."

... and what do you think of labels like Madox and Crosstime that have released a bulk of new dark progressive tracks outside of the major labels?

"All I got to say about Madox or Crosstime is that it's amazing to see these labels pushing up the dark progressive sound and keeping it more than alive with great quality records!"

Tell us about your latest track, Destiny, which is out now on TNC Recordings!

"Destiny was very fun to work on, and of course great to have it released under TNC Recordings which has some big, big plans for the upcoming years. Before the final version, I've had three or four different versions of it and one of the versions will maybe be out later as the VIP mix of Destiny."

What do you like to do outside of music?

"I really enjoy all sports and also love racing on Go-Karts or other more extreme activities. I am also a huge video game lover since I was 4 years old and I hope I’ll never get tired of it. Sometimes, video games can be as well another source of inspiration in my case."

What have been some of the most memorable moments along your journey so far?

"One of the most memorable moments for me might have been watching Hardwell's Ultra Europe live set and see "Mental" getting played and the crowd going crazy to it. It caught me totally by surprise! Another amazing moment to me was sharing studio time together with one of my biggest inspirations, the legend KSHMR, and being able to work on music together."

What are your plans for 2019?

"This year is looking strong. I’ve a lot of big releases and collaborations in the works which I'm really excited for and which will be very unexpected to the people. I'm also working on the Volume 2 of my Revealed sound pack. About shows, I'll be announcing soon huge show/tour dates so stay tuned for those as well! This year is looking like to become the best one of my career so far and I hope to have all my fans following me through this journey."

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