Rival releases a stunning new single 'Sleepwalking'

Release - FG030
Published at 2020-11-13 08:17

Rival & Caravn reunite after the successful singles ‘Be Gone’ and 'Lonely Way'

Following to his successful releases of ‘Doubt You’, ‘Let It Die’ and ‘Up In Flames’ on Future Generation, we’re pumped to have the German dj/producer Rival back on Future Generation for his 4th release on the label. As the theme for his newest single together with Caravn, the artists encapsulated a very hard-to-swallow pill that many couples might be going through during these lockdowns - “staying in a relationship just out of fear of being alone”. The highly-anticipated collaboration, titled as ‘Sleepwalking’, is available now on all platforms via Future Generation.

Diving deeper into the meaning behind the track, the French singer/songwriter Caravn explains, “In this track I’m telling a story about a couple who are staying together only to avoid of being alone. As its title I chose ‘Sleepwalking’, as this can be referred to doing things you have no control over, without really thinking or feeling anything, making you completely numb to the entire situation. Usually, at the end of a relationship, there’s a period of time where accepting that things isn’t working out is just too hard.”

The track kicks off with a subtle piano melody, giving the spotlight to Caravn to start with his melancholic storytelling, while working together with Rival as one to ramp up the emotion and intensity through harmonies and layers of rich string instrumentation. Widely known for fusing melodic trap & bass genres with orchestral music, the German trap producer Rival expertly brings on more elements as the story and track progresses, culminating all theemotions and energy in the build into a beautiful synergy of string instruments and Caravn’s heartfelt vocals, before unveiling the drop. The melodic bass drops are characteristically so Rival’s style, while integrating the vocals almost as another synth to achieve this remarkable new-age harmony.

The chemistry and the way these two played off each other on ‘Sleepwalking’ resembles the best of what electronic music can be when a highly-skilled and like-minded producer and vocalist work together, spoiling us with a track which we can’t forget anytime soon.

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