Roy Knox & Caravn deliver an euphoric melodic dubstep single

Release - FG036
Published at 2021-03-22 07:25

Roy Knox returns to Future Generation for his second single

After a successful second year in his musical career, the 23-year-old dj/producer Roy Knox hasn’t taken his foot off the pedal by starting 2021 with two absolute quality and distinguishable singles. His upcoming collaboration ‘Until The End’ with Caravn is a spectacular melodic bass/dubstep single, fusing in a flawless way the extremely powerful and euphoric drops with Caravn’s heartbreaking lyrics and vocals. Luckily, the fans of Roy Knox and Caravn don’t have to wait much longer for the release, as the track has been set for a release on March 19 on Future Generation.

The French multi-talent Caravn digs deeper in the song’s story: “In this track I talk about the closest people we have, who leave us along the way. Even when our loved ones leave us (some sooner, some later), it doesn’t mean that they would be forgotten, as the memories stay alive reminding us of them along the way. I wrote this song after one of my best friends passed away, and my father nearly died at the hospital. Some lyrics are dedicated to my friend, such as “the sun was always brighter with you” and others are dedicated to my dad, like “now I hope you’re happy, you never did belong here, I know”. No matter what happens in life, the truth is that we love the ones we’ve lost until the bitter end.”


‘Until The End’ kicks off with a subtle guitar melody, giving the spotlight to Caravn to commence with his heartfelt storytelling. The track is a fantastic demonstration of the French vocalist’s talent - you can clearly hear and pick up all the raw emotions and painful memories in his voice and lyrics, as he progresses with his story. While the break performances are true pieces of art by Caravn, the overall production by Roy Knox doesn’t leave you shiverless either. The Israeli producer highlights in a masterful way the wide range of different feelings and dynamics in the breaks, while bringing on more elements as the story and track progresses, culminating into a beautiful synergy of pure energy and an all-around euphoric atmosphere, before unveiling the drop. 

The wonderful chemistry on ‘Until The End’ resembles the best of what electronic music can be, when a highly-skilled and like-minded producer and singer/songwriter work together, spoiling us with a track which we won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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