Arcando & ThatBehavior team up for 'Medusa'

Release - FG015
Published at 2019-10-10 09:00

ThatBehavior set to make their 5th, Arcando 4th appearance on Future Generation

Right after their fantastic release with Unknown Brain on September 26th, the German duo ThatBehavior is already back with their next single. This time, they teamed up with the Dutch dj/producer Arcando, who’s a familiar face to-be-seen on Future Generation with his three earlier releases on the label. The collaboration also features the Nashville-based virtuous Chris Jobe, whose signature fusion of pop and R&B sounds frame the lyrics perfectly, combining in a perfect fashion the stunning vocals with Arcando’s unique instrumentation and ThatBehavior’s heavy-hitting basslines.

The vocalist Chris Jobe describes the theme followingly: “The track is themed around the mythical creature ‘Medusa’, who (according to ancient Greek’s mythology) had the power to turn men into stone just by making eye contact with them. I chose to make a metaphor about seeing a girl who’s so beautiful, that your heart just kind of stops, e.g. you’ll end up being stoned, paralyzed, or love stoned in a sense. Also, Medusa is the logo of the legendary designer Gianni Versace, so I thought it made sense to include him in the lyrics as well.”

The track begins with Chris deliberating over Cupid’s cruel nature for making him fall in love with this irresistible woman. Filled with clever metaphors, Jobe conveys his emotions in a notably entertainly and infectious lyrical flow. His addicting vocals swell and release to make room for the electric guitar and rich bass of the drop, which perfectly embody the spirit of this tempstress with its powerful and enthralling sound. “Medusa” is one of those tracks that captivates you on multiple level - it’s tunefully enjoyable, while providing a deeper story to give the song its own context and lore, even. This quartet of talent succeeded in creating something truly different, making Medusa one of the most distinct releases of the ADE-filled October.

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