Arcando releases a fantastic summer tune 'Rebel'

Release - FG 011
Published at 2019-06-06 09:00

“Break the rules and be a rebel”

We’re welcoming Arcando back to Future Generation with open arms for already his third release on the label! For his newest masterpiece, the Dutch dj/producer teamed up with the fellow Dutch talent Roses and the fantastic singer/songwriter Park Avenue to bring you an exceptionally unique summer tune. With emotionally layered lyrics, ‘Rebel’ muses about taking back control over your life and empowers you to chase after what you seek in life.

The vocalist Park Avenue describes the theme in the following way:

“When you decide that you’re going to follow your passion in life, you will eventually reach a point of no return. It is like a cliff face that you have to leap off from. Below the cliff lies infinite potential, above it lies more of the same. I spent years starring down into the darkness, not taking my jump because being too afraid of failure. ‘Rebel’ is about conquering my own fear, rebelling against my own self, and taking my leap of faith against all odds."

Starting off with a soft and somber guitar, the track lays the complex foundation for Park Avenue to serenade and beautifully harmonize over. To compliment the atmosphere and tone set by Park Avenue, Arcando and Roses support the vocals with dynamic instrumentals with their own ebb and flow. For the drops, the pair of producers fuse their styles perfectly, breathing new life into the midtempo genre by injecting some funk and flare into the mix.

From start to finish, ‘Rebel’ is filled with emotional highs and lows which are highlighted by a wide variety of melodic flourishes and instrumentation. There’s a sense of longing and hopefulness which will certainly uplift your spirits no matter the circumstances. By the end of the track, you’ll be finally ready to take your life into your own hands and - “break the rules and be a rebel.”

Make sure to stream/download the release on your favorite platforms below. 

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