BEAUZ debuts on Future Generation

FG Release - 010
Published at 2019-05-09 09:00

BEAUZ teams up with ThatBehavior & Luna for the 10th Future Generation release

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome BEAUZ to Future Generation. After been sitting on this release for already months, we are stoked to get to release the 10th release on Future Generation. Bipolar by BEAUZ and ThatBehavior featuring stellar vocals by Luna is finally out now!

Already during the first couple of days, the track has received amazing support - solely on Spotify, the single has received a stunning package of 14 NMF/official features. At first listen on the track, you might think that “Bipolar” is another one of those typical summerish songs with its bubbly instrumentals and airy vocals from the amazingly talented Luna, but it’s much more than just a summer hit - the single comes also with a more deeper message.

Like BEAUZ themselves describe:

“Love isn’t perfect. When countless episodes of distrust and mutually inflicted heartbreaks loom over a relationship, people tend to be confused whether they stayed with one another out of genuine affection or mere convenience. “Bipolar” is a healing love song for people who are suffering in their relationship yet don’t know when to, or if they should ever, walk away from the love that once was the source to unforgettable happiness. Using Bipolarism disorder as the theme to personify the contradicting nature between loving memories and unhappy relationship, this song aims to remind all the victims that only by truly knowing the value of oneself could one realize that the toxicity isn’t worth staying for.”

BEAUZ, the most uprising Asian-American electronic music act consisting of brothers Bernie & Johan Yang, have taken the electronic music scene by storm after the beginning of 2018. Acknowledged also by Audiomack and as the #1 one-to-watch for 2019, the brothers have done official remixes for Zedd, Galantis, Cash Cash and NOTD, singles on NCS and Spinnin’ and over 15 viral unofficial remixes on Youtube, featured by the biggest brands Trap Nation, Proximity and Trap City. The release of ‘Bipolar’ also marked the German duo ThatBehavior’s awaited comeback, after their almost 1-year-long hiatus.

Listen to it now!

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