Barren Gates & RMND drop a stunning trap single on Future Generation

Release - FG008
Published at 2019-03-08 09:00

Barren Gates & RMND set to amaze with new single 'In The Darkness'

After our highly successful first Future Generation release of 2019, we couldn't be more excited to reveal the second one of the year by welcoming the highly talented American producer Barren Gates and RMND to make their debuts on Future Generation.

Right from the very first second, Barren Gates & RMND paint a scene of a dark, contemplative night with the atmospheric pads and lonely, muted synths. The gorgeous but ominous vocals whisper to you through the fog, reminding you that your shadows, your past, will always be following you.

In The Darkness is a wonderful texture of the complex mood and top class sound design. Whereas the first drop was more of an even fight between light and dark, influenced by RMND, the second drop elevates the track into a whole new level with the aggressive, distorted electric guitar leads and a heavier bassline, where you’re able to clearly hear Barren Gates’ past rock influences. As a cherry on top of the cake, the break vocals have been distorted in such a dynamic fashion that it’s almost a cinematic experience.

After Barren Gates’ multiple releases on NCS and other influential labels, In The Darkness is set to be another massive release in his new venture, which is rapidly classifying him as one of the most emerging trap music acts on the scene. It’s not far-fetched to title In The Darkness as one of the most interesting trap releases of March 2019 by receiving the early approval by some of the most notorious tastemakers in the scene: Trap Nation, Trap City and Nightblue Music among many others. The two talented creative minds managed to create something truly unique with their collaboration, which fulfills its expectations as another sensational release on Future Generation’s catalogue and its ever-widening spectrum of different electronic music styles.

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