Jim Yosef & Elle Vee enlist for a truly feel-good single ‘Live My Life’

Release - FG028
Published at 2020-08-28 12:00

Jim Yosef debuting on Future Generation

To the fans of the eminent record label NoCopyrightSounds, the fan-favorite Swedish producer Jim Yosef doesn’t come up as a stranger, being best known from his tracks ‘Firefly’, ‘Linked’ and ‘Eclipse’ among others, which have amassed far beyond 400M streams across all platforms. After 4 quality releases in 2020, the highly-talented producer is looking to continue his ever-growing success with his collaboration with the famed vocalist Elle Vee - their motivational and truly feel-good future bass single ‘Live My Life’ is set to be released 28 August on Future Generation.

The American singer/songwriter Elle Vee reflecs the theme of the song: “I remember the first time I sat in my living room and watched the movie “Yes Man” starring Jim Carey. It inspired me to no end. You ever get that feeling like your life is missing something? A rush of adrenaline maybe? A freedom of self expression you’ve been too shy to enable? Perhaps all of your insecurities are preventing you from being brave enough to travel outside of your comfort zone, resulting in missing out on epic moments and fun? 

She continues: “Live My Life is about that introspective moment where one realizes it’s time to be BRAVE and embrace all the things you’ve fantasized of doing, but never would due to mental restraints and a lack of belief in yourself. Live your true self, push yourself outside of your lame comfort zones, and experience life to it’s fullest with no ifs, ands or buts!”

The song starts strong out of the gate with a dominating grand piano, that fills the soundstage and sets the positively glaring tone for the rest of the track. Bringing back some alternative vibes from the early 2000s, Elle Vee begins her verse about turning her life around and taking the center stage in her own life story, accompanied by a catchy and warm electric guitar melody, leading up to the surprisingly empowering build-up, before taking the mood back with the mellow future bass drop, which radiates an all-around good, peaceful feeling.

Put together, “Live My Life” combines in a lovely way Elle’s characteristic and strong voice with Jim’s signature melodic and chill future bass production style, giving us a timeless track where there’s something for everyone to resonate with, and which won’t tire you out!

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