ThatBehavior & Lunis create a sensational cover of Billie Eilish’s latest hit

Release - FG027
Published at 2020-07-31 12:00

No Time To Die gets a fantastic rendition

After been making a name for themselves as one of today’s ‘cover hit machines’ with releases like ‘Apologize’ and ‘Zombie’, the rapidly rising French duo Lunis is back with another sensational rework, this time with the German dj/producer duo ThatBehavior. Their upcoming collaboration is a cover of the teen superstar Billie Eilish’s most recent hit ‘No Time To Die’, the official soundtrack for the next highly-awaited 007-movie, which was originally set to be released in April but got later postponed to November 2020. Just like the original song, ThatBehavior’s and LUNIS’ version is nothing short of amazing in its own genre, combining in a stunning fashion Billie Eilish’s dark and haunting songwriting & singing style with an energetic trap production. 

Vincent from ThatBehavior talks about the track’s creation process: “The process got started when we’re discussing together with my partner Jamal about doing a remix of a well-known track, you know just for fun. It was actually my father who then came up with the idea to remix an older James Bond theme song like ‘Goldfinger’ or ‘Skyfall’, but as the official soundtrack for the next 007-movie, ‘No Time to Die’ by Billie Eilish, got just released at the time in February, we thought it’d be a cool idea to try to remix that one, since we absolutely loved Billie Eilish‘s vocal work on the single!”

He continues: “So we went ahead and finished the unofficial remix, but as we fell in love with the idea and how well the vocals and the original atmosphere fitted the heavier trap style we did for the remix, we decided together with the label (Future Generation) to try to turn it into an official release in the form of a cover. We then came across with Lunis’ releases, as they had featured on multiple successful covers and thought her vocals could be a great fit to the track, and already after the very first demo vocals we received from them, we knew that this was it!”

While we all get to wait for the movie’s re-scheduled release in November, ThatBehavior & Lunis provide us trap music-lovers a temporary ease to our pain with their spectacular rendition of the official theme song. Set to be released on 31 July on Future Generation, both artist duos continue to impress the dance music scene with another surprisingly high quality production, with ‘No Time To Die’ being hands down one of the most interesting trap releases of the late summer.

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