ReauBeau, Loris Cimino & Twan Ray debut on Future Generation with 'Louder'

FG Release - 009
Published at 2019-04-12 09:00

Electronic dance music meets rebel rock

After our successful first releases of 2019, we're stoked to get to continue with full throttle and expand our artist roster further by welcoming the Dutch dj/producer ReauBeau, the Swiss talent Loris Cimino and the fantastic young vocalist Twan Ray to Future Generation.

It’s not often that you come across with a track that makes you feel truly empowered and regardless of your current mood, grabs you out of the chair and gets you going. Like the artists themselves describe: “Louder is a feel-good motivational track which is about finding the inner hero in yourself. Regardless of all the adversities and chaos in life, you need to battle and overcome the problems and get back on your feet, even when being put to the ground. As all the good things tend to happen after some harder times.”

As a track, Louder is living up and beyond to its title. After pressing play you immediately enter a fully fleshed out world created by the artists. Twan Ray’s expertly crafted vocals are underscored by muted percussion and an electric guitar which all bring the best out of the rebel rock atmosphere with a modern production spin. The drops incorporate the incredible vocals and ramp things up a notch by infusing future bass elements in a fresh and creative way. As you continue listening, you’ll appreciate the added orchestral layers and switch ups which gives the track a true feeling of progression and dynamism. Louder is everything, and even more what you’re looking after from a motivational track, to get you over and beyond your adversities in life.

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