ThatBehavior, Arcando and RIELL return to Future Generation

Release - FG 020
Published at 2020-03-05 09:00

ThatBehavior & Arcando release their 3rd collaboration

Each with their own wildly popular releases on Future Generation, “Burn” sees the FG-veterans ThatBehavior, Arcando and Riell coming together as they explore a different kind of style that brings out the best from all of their musical directions. ‘Burn’ is all about the perfect mixture between the emotional and captivating breaks, and the energizing drops - you have a track which breaks make you go knees deep in the storytelling, guided by RIELL’s spectacular vocal work, and the future bass/trap influenced drops, which are enhanced to their finest with stunning sound design and rhythmic flavours, reflecting the breaks in their own catchy way.

The Canadian singer/songwriter RIELL describes the track followingly: ”Burn was inspired of loving someone who will never be capable of caring about you as much as they care about themselves. It’s about coming to the realization that you need to choose yourself because the person you love doesn’t love and support you in the same way. They’ll never apologize for how they treated you, so the only closure you can take away is that one day, the way they treated people will catch up with them”


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