Arcando & Neoni reunite after their successful single ‘Army’

Release - FG029
Published at 2020-09-18 12:00

Familiar faces to be seen on Future Generation

The long-time friends Arcando and ThatBehavior are once again back at it with another stellar collaboration, pushing the trap & future bass genre limits further one release at a time. For their newest joint-work, they teamed up with the highly popular American duo Neoni as a follow-up to Arcando’s & Neoni’s successful NCS-release ‘Army’. ‘End Of The World’ is a dark trap single with a top-tier cinematic sound design, which fiercely encourages its listeners to give everything they’ve got, no matter the situation.

The American singer/songwriter duo Neoni sheds some light to the story of the track: “End of the world is a song about giving everything you’ve got. It’s about facing the obstacles in front of you with every ounce of your energy, leaving absolutely nothing on the table. It’s about going into every fight, every challenge and every opportunity with the fervor you would have if it was your very last chance.”

Everyone, who’s familiar with the talented trio, acknowledge them being widely known from their high quality productions, but already after the first listen of ‘End Of The World’, it was clear that this time the artists truly exceeded themselves. Although the instrumental is already alone a piece of art with the extremely clean cinematic sound design and the carefully crafted little details, there’s no denying of Neoni’s impact on the release. The duo took the already phenomenal trap production to a whole new level, complimenting the instrumental with their characteristic dark, alternative pop-influenced singing/songwriting, giving us one of the hottest trap releases of September.

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