Arcando & Trove join forces for the upbeat future bass single 'Riot'

Release - FG025
Published at 2020-06-04 12:00

Riot marks Arcando's 7th release on Future Generation

Summer 2020 is going to be one to remember, but perhaps not for the usual reasons. With the majority of us relegated to our houses and apartments, it has become increasingly likely that this summer won’t be filled with house parties, beach vacations or music festivals. Fortunately, the Dutch dj/producer Arcando has managed to bottle up the best feelings of summer and turn them into a gem of a future bass/pop hybrid single ‘Riot’, in collaboration with Trove.

Digging deeper on the song, Arcando takes his unique spin on the future bass genre a step further with oscillating chords driving the drops and bubbly plucks and leads underneath Trove’s vocals in the breakdown, filled with all these rich details. With each listen-through, you can pick up new subtle harmonies, interesting intervals or quirky samples, which make this track come alive with such character, being released 4th of June on Future Generation.

The American singer/songwriter Trove describes the theme followingly: “Riot is about the constant struggle of self-doubt that builds up every time you run into a wall, metaphorically speaking - it’s an everyday battle and sometimes it just gets too much. It’s written about the continuous struggle of fighting the feeling, sometimes winning and sometimes losing, but learning down the way that both are ok and that it’s just a part of normal life as a human being.”

The 20-year-old Dutch talent Arcando has been on a strong rise since the beginning of March. Despite of being widely known on the scene for his talent and in particular for his unofficial viral remixes, the young Dutchman hadn’t seen yet a proper growth until now. He’s had an electric kickoff to 2020 with successful releases on NCS, Future Generation and Lowly with his collaborations with the renowned trap music producers Besomorph & Egzod. Continuing with his rapidly growing trend, Arcando teamed up with the popular vocalist Trove, who has solidified himself as one of the most-sought male vocalists on the trap music scene. His unique voice and creative songwriting has landed him collaborations with i.a. Dabin, Unknown Brain, Nora Van Elken and many more on labels like Monstercat, Sony Music, Seeking Blue and Lowly, as the culmination being his single ‘Wish You Well’ with Famba selling certified gold in Canada. Besides his successful portfolio as a featuring vocalist, Trove has also started to emerge as a prominent solo artist, with his recent solo EP ‘Trove’ reaching 16 NMF placements and single ‘Nothing Matters Then You Die’ being premiered on Billboard. 

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