Barren Gates unveils his heavy trap single Area 51

Release - FG013
Published at 2019-09-06 09:00

Unofficial soundtrack of Area 51

For our 13th release, we decided to prepare something a bit different for you this time. We’re happy to have the American dj/producer Barren Gates back on Future Generation with his heavy trap single ‘Area 51’, which stands true to his futuristic signature style, being at the same time a fresh addition to our catalogue. Due to its well-fitting style, we take the right to name it unofficially the anthem of the forthcoming viral event, which is set for mid-September.

Like Barren describes the process and theme of the release: “Area 51 started off as a WIP with only the drops fully written, the breakdowns felt fairly bare and I couldn't find any inspiration for them for a while. After hearing about the raid of Area 51 meme starting to go viral on social media, I decided to try to shift the direction of the track towards that theme as the drops already had somewhat of a futuristic sound to them. I then proceeded to design several glitch-like articulations for the intro and worked in some sample vocals to better define the theme of escaping from Area 51."

Listen to it now!

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