Caslow & Fells team up for an euphoric rocktronic single

Release - FG 059
Published at 2024-03-15 08:28

The rocktronic journey continues on Future Generation

Each artist a pioneer in the Rocktronic trend, the North American dj/producers Caslow and Fells are joining forces with the singer/songwriter Sierra Annie for their euphoric crossover single ‘Out From Under’, which pulls on your heartstrings. The song is seamlessly fusing pop rock and edm, while paying tribute to those who remind you that you’re more than your struggles, and that the adversities don’t define you as a person. Scheduled to be released on the 15th of March, the release is set to be a highlight within the scene, and setting the tone for the artists’ highly prominent 2024. 

Brody from Caslow reflects on the creation of the project: “We wanted to take that sort of nostalgic, sweet, emotional sound present in both Fells’ music and our own, then add a bit of an early 2000s alternative-rock vibe to create something unique. To me “Out From Under” captures exactly what we were looking for. As soon as I stumbled upon Sierra’s voice and music - I knew she was the one for this song, she captures that mix of

delicate emotion with feelings of angst to create the perfect topline for this project.”

Fells continues: “The creative process behind “Out From Under” was so refreshing and rewarding: from writing the general ideas and themes with Caslow to collaborating with Sierra Annie to channel her beautiful voice and songwriting. I’m so proud of how we pulled each of our unique

perspectives to bridge the gap between the electronic-dance and alternative-rock worlds.”

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