Caslow introduces the lead single 'Parachute' from their EP

Release - FG052
Published at 2023-03-24 14:50

Caslow shifts into pop punk with their electric single ‘Parachute’ 

The Canadian/American duo Caslow is introducing a new sound in their upcoming EP “Not A Phase” on Future Generation. The EP is an electric blend of the nostalgic 2000s pop punk sound and more modern melodic bass, showcasing their musical talent to adapt and merge flawlessly punk rock and electronic music.

Caslow’s shift into pop punk-influenced dance music will be led by the main single from the EP, titled as “Parachute”, with stunning vocal work by the American vocalist Manno, which is expected to catch the attention of those who are diving into the new era of EDM that many refer to as “rocktronic”.

“Parachute is the most personalized track from the EP as we were physically able to collaborate on the song in person. Living in two different countries makes that rather difficult for us as a norm. That being said, we were able to thoughtfully think of ways that would make this track more unique than we ever could on a video call. The writing, instrumentation and production were thought through more critically than our previous releases, allowing us to capitalize on such an amazing vocal provided by Manno.”

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