Egzod debuts on Future Generation

Release - FG022
Published at 2020-03-12 09:00

Sinking marks Arcando's 6th single on FG

After Arcando’s fantastic single ‘Burn’ on Future Generation in early March, we’re happy to have the young Dutchman already back with his collaboration with the renowned trap music producer Egzod, who’s doing his debut on the label. Their upcoming single is a distinct melodic bass/trap track, which shines with its top tier sound design and production, with an addictive, hymning melody throughout its runtime, telling a low-spirited story about a spontaneous relationship. The track also features the Nashville-based singer/songwriter Abigail Rose, whose pop/r&b influences bring a fresh addition to ‘Sinking’, which is available now for streaming on all platforms!

Abigail Rose describes the story of the track followingly: “The lyrical inspiration came from the type of relationship that happens so fast that you’re immediately in the deep end, way over your head & a bit overwhelmed about the situation as a whole. Then, the relationship ends before you manage to realize it, leaving you trying to pick up all the pieces & catch your breathe - which can feel like you’d be sinking.“

Make sure to stream/download 'Sinking' below on your favorite platform(s)!

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