Egzod & Aleesia drop a motivational & inspirational single ‘Machine’

Release - FG024
Published at 2020-05-14 12:00

Egzod returns for his second single on FG

After his recent successful release 'Sinking' on Future Generation and other singles on NCS & Lowly, the French/Portuguese trap music producer Egzod shows no signs of slowing down by already dropping his next track - ‘Machine’. His brand new melodic bass single, blended with world music elements, comes with a truly motivational & inspirational theme, featuring fantastic vocal work by Aleesia, whom the long-time dance music fans might remember from her hit singles together with Martin Garrix (‘Gold Skies’) & Robin Schulz (‘Love Me Loud’).

The Canadian multi-talent Aleesia describes the empowering theme followingly: “Machine” is a record about inner strength and the power in persistence. There’s nothing more motivating than being underestimated; there is nothing more satisfying than facing adversity and coming out stronger because of it.”

She continues: “Youth, more than ever, need to be reminded that a healthy mindset includes confidence, determination & drive, and anybody who tries to belittle or demean you, does not deserve to be in your life, affecting your energy. When the going gets tough, WE get tougher. Believe in yourself. keep running. Keep going. Never stop. And don’t let anyone ever forget… You’re a Machine.”

‘Machine’ is a perfect demonstration of Egzod’s diverse and unique production style, which is highly influenced by world music elements and instruments, blending different music cultures together with melodic bass and trap music. Egzod stands for ‘Exodus’ in French; meaning the mass departure of people, who’re traveling to a new world where technology and nature are perfectly balanced. This explains why Egzod enjoys using extremely rich instrumentation in his productions - metaphorically closing the barriers between the different cultures and people, unifying and making everyone part of the journey. In ‘Machine’, you can hear a wide range of different percussions, wind instruments and the powerful electric quitar in the drop, and when you combine that with Aleesia’s highly distinct voice and empowering songwriting, you’ve a track you won’t find anywhere else. 

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