Rival & Cadmium debut on Future Generation

Release - FG 019
Published at 2020-02-20 09:00

The producers join their forces for already their 12th collaboration

Longtime collaborators, Rival & Cadmium, have once again joined their forces to bring their first joint work of 2020 to life! The highly-talented, like-minded producers form an extremely interesting pair here - even though both producers have enjoyed some stellar success with their solo tracks and reached over 100 millions streams each across all platforms, ‘Doubt You’ marks already their 12th original collaboration together, which might be their best one yet - something truly special. Carefully crafted lyrics by the British singer/songwriter Natalie Holmes, blended acoustic instrumentation with astounding melodic trap sound design and a whirlwind of feelings which will leave you feeling entirelly emotional and melancholic, yet hopeful and energized, define “Doubt You”, making it a timeless addition to the Future Generation’s discography.

Like Natalie describes the track herself: “Doubt You is about taking a leap of independence and moving on from a relationship that was closed off and unhealthy. It encompasses a feeling of being someone who’s constantly bursting with electric emotion, battling with a partner who is withdrawn and seemingly empty, stifling the others’ need to express themselves and dig deeper. Sometimes, when a relationship is so much hard work, you feel constantly drained and carry the feeling that there just might be a vital piece missing.“

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