Nikademis & Dani King debut on Future Generation

Release - FG055
Published at 2023-08-18 08:28

The US-based artists team up for an emotional bass ride

“We were too young to care, but old enough to know better… I think we both knew that we couldn’t end up together…”

To everyone who’s been having a romantic relationship and a breakup at an early age, this line hits deep in the hearts and potentially unhealed wounds of theirs. Melodic bass music tends to come across as thoroughly emotional, yet in its own way energizing at the same time, and this is spot on what the extremely talented American artists Nikademis and Dani King are showcasing with their new single ‘Perfect For A Moment’.

Being their first collaboration together up to date, both artists are no strangers among the bass music community. The NYC-based dj/producer Nikademis is best known for his remix for Illenium’s & Sasha Sloan’s hit single ‘U & Me’ besides releases on Ophelia and Dim Mak, while the singer/songwriter Dani King is a highly acclaimed performer with releases on Monstercat, Insomniac, Lowly and NCS together with artists such as Riot Ten, Bear Grillz, Ace Aura and more. 

Dani walks us through the thought process behind the theme: “I actually wrote the lyrics for this song about a boyfriend from a long time ago that meant a lot to me. We were 16 and both our friendship and relationship fell apart very quickly due to...we’ll just call it poor decisions.”

She continues: “But A year later he wrote me the kindest apology note, and since then we have cheered each other on from a distance while growing into strong, successful people. We both learned lessons from each other that carried us into adulthood, and this song is a tribute to him and those lessons learned. Not every relationship has to end on bad terms, and I wanted to take a second to look back and be grateful for this one. Sometimes people come into our lives to help us grow into the person we are supposed to be, and I believe that’s what this person was to me.”

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