Wild Cards & Lucas Marx team up for the summer hit 'Honest'

Release - FG023
Published at 2020-05-01 12:00

Honest marks the second dance pop release on Future Generation

Summer is just around the corner which usually means a myriad of bright, upbeat tracks flooding the airwaves. And what’s also an essential part of Summer? Love, without a question. The Canadian duo Wild Cards’ next single ‘Honest’ is a captivating and uplifting dance pop tune, which tells a story about battling with the dilemma of having a crush with a good friend of yours - that’s a bit tough, right? But the happy overall vibe in the production softens the negative aspects of the lyrics and in its own way encouraging you to dive with your head first to unknown, making ‘Honest’ a truly ‘feel good’ release at the end.

The vocalist Lucas Marx describes the theme in the following way: “Honest tells a story about having feelings for a close friend while trying to figure out how to tell him/her. It’s that game you play by yourself; running through the different scenarios in your head all over again and rehearsing what you’re gonna say, while hoping the other person feels the same but you’re scared if they don’t, the friendship won’t be the same any longer."

‘Honest’ marks the Vancouver-based duo Wild Cards’ second release in their new musical direction, shifting from melodic trap/future bass into a more commercial dance pop direction, while still maintaining their unique touch in their productions. The talented duo has up to date garnered over 50 million streams across all platforms with official remixes for e.g. Lost Kings, original singles on Proximity and viral, unofficial remixes uploaded on Youtube by top tastemakers Trap City and Wave Music. After finally getting their musical style, branding and production knowledge formed into a ready-to-go package, Wild Cards are set to start their run in becoming the next Canadian top dance music act.

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