The last Future Generation release of 2019

Release - FG017
Published at 2019-11-22 07:15

Jonth, Tom Wilson & Rosenfeld debut on Future Generation

For our last release of 2019, we’re welcoming a full roster of new faces to Future Generation. “Overdose” marks the first original collaboration between Jonth and Tom Wilson, with the two friend’s previous joint ventures consisting of couple popular unofficial remixes. Add to the mix the French singer/songwriter Rosenfeld, and you have the recipe for a track which is a truly distinguishable and original piece of music, with some honest depth behind it.

The vocalist Rosenfeld describes the theme in a following way: “My productions and lyrical work often tend to revolve around pulsions and toxicity in close human relationships. The track metaphorically tells a story about a couple, where the man knows she will only cause harm to him, but his love for her overpowers the negative aspects of their relationship, preventing him to give up and leave”

The track begins with broken down instrumentals before a fantastic guitar intro played by Jensation kicks in. In the break Rosenfeld narrates over a love affair with addiction - comparing it to an abusive romantic relationship. The verse almost starts as spoken word, but gets progressively more and more melodic before coming to its climax where Jonth’s and Tom Wilson’s high-powered sound design drives the melody home, accompanied by Rosenfeld’s cleverly distorted vocals. The drop sneaks up shortly after, almost taking you by surprise with its unexpected intensity. The electric guitar clashes with a rolling bassline for a thunderous round of raw emotion and energy that’ll leave you feeling empowered by the time the last note rings out.

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