Unknown Brain debuts on Future Generation

Release - FG012
Published at 2019-08-08 09:00

The highly popular duo lands on FG

For our 12th release, we’re ecstatic to finally get to welcome the highly popular duo Unknown Brain to the label with their incredible collaboration with the Italian dj/producer Hoober. Held together by the multi-talent Riell’s vocals, ‘Begin Again’ is a refreshing ‘melodic trap meets pop kind of single’, which is the first release from their 2-track EP on Future Generation, while the second single will be announced later in the year.

Like the vocalist RIELL describes the theme of the track: “Begin Again is about the type of relationship where from the outside, everyone thinks it’s messed up and are confused and occasionally judgemental when two people who seem clearly better apart keep coming back together. The song is from the perspective of being in this relationship and despite noticing the unhealthy things you do to each other, you’re still sticking through it anyway because bad with them is still better than good with anyone else.”

In ‘Begin Again’, the instrumental and vocals are processed in a way to exemplify the conflict present throughout the song - something lovely paired with a darker element. This duality is most apparent in the lyrics which describe a couple’s difficult dynamics. Their struggle is played out over brighter instrumentals which expertly combine Unknown Brain’s and Hoober’s styles. By the end of the track, the song turns out to be positively euphoric, giving you hope that the story told through the lyrics ends in a happier place than it began.

Begin Again also marks a subtle change in our operations, as it sets the beginning for a slightly tighter release schedule. Below, you can stream/download 'Begin Again' on your favorite platforms!

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